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Default Re: Report: Knicks may be looking to trade for Jimmer Fredette

Originally Posted by el gringos
They don't have a dominant post scorer like Carmelo or the defensive guards like shumpert, jr, and murry to play with jimmer either

I would much rather have jimmer playing than prigioni or Felton and they'll be trying to get him next year. For a Phil team jimmer fits a lot better than either of those 2. This year they could have gotten him for free.

Next years signings: Jason smith, stuckey, jimmer, and YI !!!!
Doesnt matter what chicago has understand they have no deep reliable shooters and Jimmer still cant play.

God man. Those are all sideway moves or worse...

Jason Smith = Aldrich, Stuckey (a smaller less versatile version) = JR Smith, Jimmer = NBDL or EuroLeague, Yi Jian Lian (is this who you mean) You always get an A for effort for thinking WAY, WAY, WAY out the box.
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