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Default Re: Next years raptors

Playing GM for a minute here.

Not quite so rosy.

1) Klow signs for avg of $10.5M per year. ..estimate $5Mill cap hit

2) Qualify Vasquez/Patterson... estimate $5Mill cap hit

3) Ross/Val get raises. ~ neutral

4) We work really hard to unload Landry Fields ($7.5Mill cap hit due to averaging I think) but end up have to pay a portion of salary and or take back a middling contract./ swap some 2nd rounders etc etc .. estimate $2million cap hit.

$12Million cap hits in 2014-5 plus a draft pick.

This means two of four have to go:
1) Amir
2) Salmons
3) Hansboro
4) Novak

..but we have the pick and then 2 picks in 15/16.

I assume we keep the first two on the basis that both players are willing to resign for a little stability. $5Mill per year for 4 years against each of them to be on "a franchise on the upswing" and have more guarenteed years. Amir I think for sure / Salmons not so certain.

Hansboro / Novak move potentially with Fields for example.

Bottom line is there isnt that much room and flexability unless the picks come up and elimintate the need for : 1) Ross/Vasquez/Patterson.

Above all to the "mighty Q's" point.. do NOT over value this roster. Good team good players for now but not championship material...There is lots of room to improve in talent upgrades through the draft and trades.

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