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Default Re: South Park RPG in the works

Originally Posted by lilgodfather1
I don't really like to recommend stuff to people, but this is a very fun game. Lots of references to the show. The best way I can explain it is that it is an interactive episode of south park. I don't think I'm that far from finishing it, although I could be wrong, so if I am close to finishing it is pretty short. Although I can see some serious replayability in it personally.

If you are a fan of south park I'd say there's a good chance you will like the game, if not then you likely won't.

Hope I helped in any small way.

The reviews have all been decent. It's metacritic-ing in the low to mid 80s. But one of the the big gripes has been that it's short, but for a guy like me who plays 4-6 games a year, short is fine, maybe better. That's also why I almost only play game of the year level games. If I'm only gonna play a half dozen games, I'd like them to be 95%ers. Sort of cultural touchstone type games ... just ones that aren't FPSers.

I am a big fan of the show. So I think I will check this out. My taste is usually Third Person action / adventure, with some RPG elements. Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Resident Evil, Dead Space, going back to Zelda and Metroid, and branching out into the Elder Scrolls a bit when I want to get deeper into the RPG elements. How RPG-y is this would you say?

Thanks by the way.
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