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Default Re: Chicago Bulls need better shooters

Originally Posted by Crystallas
It has nothing to do with Jimmer's game. It has everything to do with Thibs game.

Plus, who is to say what the Bulls need? Everyone keeps throwing this around. Bulls need this, Bulls need that. If we're winning games now, then it's not anywhere close to being a need, it's about being a wish, or a want. This plays in Jimmer's favor, because it buys him time.

I agree with you most of the time but I do think it's a "need" because the Bulls are not great in sustaining a great offensive flow against top defensive teams IMO. Yes, they will catch Miami at a bad stretch when Lebron struggles with his shooting while Augustine gets hot at the same time or they can win with the current rotation against "ave team of the East" but Im looking beyond the playoffs.
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