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Default Re: Chicago Bulls need better shooters

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I agree with you most of the time but I do think it's a "need" because the Bulls are not great in sustaining a great offensive flow against top defensive teams IMO. Yes, they will catch Miami at a bad stretch when Lebron struggles with his shooting while Augustine gets hot at the same time or they can win with the current rotation against "ave team of the East" but Im looking beyond the playoffs.

Then we're getting into a conversation about what will push the Bulls over the hump and to the next chapter. Jimmer, as promising as he is, is not that guy. He's good, and can help us, but even with Jimmer's contributions, that wont push us over the hump. That's why I think Thibs is taking the opportunity to break him into the system, especially when he has not played with the same scheme set, like DJ Augustine did(which is why that is an apples-orange comparison and I don't understand why people use it, not saying you are.)

When Thibs feels good about Jimmer, he is going to use him. It's pretty straight forward. And when Thibs gets excited to use a guy, he will use him a lot.

He showed good positioning in garbage time against the Spurs, but he also was slow to switch targets and lost his own teammates on the floor when he drove into traffic against a team's second unit. So when it comes to these "top defensive teams", Fredette has a lot of work to put in. The Bulls are a top defensive team, so it's not like the staff can't gage his progression in practice. Once he is comfortable in executing the schemes, he's going to see non-garbage playing time.
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