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Default Re: top 5 Dirk still there?

I am not talking career wise...I am talking about currently.
Well of course Dirk > Wade, right now. Wade isn't 100%.
Kobe didn't spend last season in a wheel chair...he led a group of nobodys to the playoffs without shaq, just like lebron.
Lol. Kobe led a group of scrubs to the playoffs? Cool. Now actually get into the second round. *Crickets* Lebron? Good for him. And you keep bringing up the wheelchair issue as if it's a crime to get injured.
Wade was in the playoffs this year because of Shaq, and we he came back he lost.
Not true. Wade did a lot before and after he was injured. Shaq just had a bigger role than he did the year before, because Wade was injured. What's so hard to understand?
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