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Default K-Mart Could be Comin' !!!!

Sid Hartman wrote that the Wolves will trade Marko Jaric and TRENTON HASSELL(not Ricky Davis) to the Nuggets for Kenyon Martin.

That's a GREAT trade for the Wolvies!!!! We need another big man. Kenyon Martin is a GOOD rebounder and one of the best defensive PF's out there.

KG is moving to center. That's why he's been in MPLS for most of the summer putting on muscle!!!!

Want more proof of KG moving to center besides the extra muscle? If the Wolves can't get K-Mart they are also trying to get PF Drew Gooden in a sign and trade deal. Kenyon Martin and Drew Gooden aren't playing Center or SF, they are PF's. Ricky D. is at SF.

If the trade does happen we will look something like....

PF K. Martin - M. Madsen
SF R. Davis - E. Griffin - J. Reed
C K. Garnett - M. Blount
SG R. Foye - B. Wright - R. McCants(INJ)
PG M. James - T. Hudson - A. Carter

We still have the 1.7 EX. and would probably spend it on a SG like Voshon Lenard or Tony Delk.

Who's going to drive on K-Mart and KG???? They would get SWATTED!!!!

Coach Dwayne Casey said he wants to run this year. Well, KG would be the most athletic Center in the league and K-Mart one of the more athletic PF's and running would be no problem.

Foye is averaging about 28 pts a game in the summer league. Ricky Davis is a 20pt 5RB 5ASS guy. Mike James is that deep threat that we haven't had since we traded Wally. These guys compliment each other VERY well!

I REALLY hope we do this trade! Shoot, throw in 2nd round draft picks if we have to!
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