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Default Re: Next years raptors

Originally Posted by Jballer
^^ nothing wrong with that ..

Actually we may agree

I think that Salmon > Fields is an assumption on my part not a contribution judgement. I think Salmons is near the twilight of his career and given the press / performance he may be inclined to stay on for more years less money. Fields therefore is the one out.

Patterson > Hansborough.. and Amir > both ...much the same although the money is closer. More around the thought that the qulaifying offer on BigP allows us to retain Bird rights (??? I think). Amir too is in a similar situation as Salmon... we overpayed to get him / keep him but if he likes it here and knows he has a role... he wil stay. Ergo Hansboro is odd man out. Not so much a contribution calculation as a numbers game.

Difference is that we have Fields on a guaranteed contract for another year. Salmons only has 1 million guaranteed on his 7 million contract next year. So no way we are picking up the extra 6. Maybe they work an extension for better money, but I hope not.

Agree Amir>Pat>Hans. But Amir makes the most money next year so he may have to be the one to go if we can find a legit star PF.
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