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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

The statue of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar outside Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles is a frozen portrait of the Hall of Famerís deadly skyhook.

Itís a shot the ex-center lamented has fallen out of favor in todayís game.

"Iím not really surprised because the guys that coach grade school kids donít show them how to play near the basket," he said. "They all want to shoot 3-pointers. Kids want to handle the ball."

Yeah I was spending time at a high school recently for a few months here and they all want to launch 3's even though they have a hard time even making a lay-up.

But itís a shot Jazz center Enes Kanter has in his repertoire ó and one his coach would like to see more of.

"When he feels the guy, feels the guy and itís that running hook across the lane with his rhythm, I think thatís a really good shot for him," Ty Corbin said. "And actually it gives him an opportunity to get fouled because heís going across the basket. Heís moving, his guy is moving."

About 11 percent of Kanterís attempts this season have been some variation of a hook shot, according to the NBAís data. Heís hitting on 61 percent of them.

He has the jump hook or push shot like Al but recently he's added the running hook across the lane.

"Kareem in his day perfected the shot," Corbin said. "Itís very effective. Iíve seen a few of them myself live. You canít get to it."
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