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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

I took a look at Enes Kanterís career comps today. I chose four players:

Carlos Boozer, Al Jefferson, David West and David Lee. I was looking for similarly sized and similarly athletic players.

Kanter entered the league much younger than any of these compsóeven Al Jefferson. Kanter is still just 21 years old. David West was 23 and David Lee was 22 during their rookie seasons. Boozer was a rookie at 21 and Al Jefferson was in his second year at 21.

Itís interesting when you look at these comps how many more minutes Kanter has played than his comparables. Also, itís interesting that, offensively, he has performed every bit as well as theses players. Remember: West was 23 and Lee was 22.

Kanter compsKevin Pelton of ESPN has a player projection system that compares players. At the beginning of this season he had Kanter compared to Derrick Favors, Zaza Pachulia, DeJuan Blair and Amaríe Stoudemire. His system does not include players who were not in the league at their age, so Boozer, West and Lee were not compared.

Looking at Peltonís comps, Kanter is behind in minutes played. His offensive production is ahead of everyone except Stoudamire, though heís not far off.

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