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Default Re: Next years raptors

Originally Posted by bluerap
Difference is that we have Fields on a guaranteed contract for another year. Salmons only has 1 million guaranteed on his 7 million contract next year. So no way we are picking up the extra 6. Maybe they work an extension for better money, but I hope not.

Yep but the three year math under that assumption works my way.

Salmons 1million buyout 7 Million option becomes 5/5/5 = 15Million

Fields maybe signs for 4 Million (??) but 7.5 (cap hit number due to average) / 4 / 4/ = 15.5 Million

(Actually if I recall his cap hit is actually > $7.5 not sure)

So unless we assume the Fields < 4Million (??maybe) and no other team would come to party at 4 Million per (??maybe) the Salmons deal is actually the better one. Further 7.5 expiring is worth more as part of trade package than 1million buyout and gone (see your note on PF).

Finally for the half million less you get Salmons veteren pressence evidently respected by the team. He is the only guy with any playoff experience and doesnt have a history of "elbow nerve damage". Does this make Salmons > Fields ? Marginally / maybe at best but not enough that it is even worth a debate. The contribution both ways is simply bench behind Derozan / Ross

Salmons is probably the right contract to keep all things being equal.

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