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Default Re: NBA 2k14

I think I'm done with 2k.

I played some Park last night and I've came to the conclusion that I hate this mode now.

First of all it takes too long to get a game going. The wait time is ridiculous.

So I decided to play 2v2 since the 3v3s were full. 2v2 is ass with make it take it.

I'm a 94 SF and I was playing against a 99 PG and an 85 SG and they was dunking all over me. Oops left and right which is not realistic at all. I have eraser and my blocks are all the way up. I also have that rebounding perk but I couldn't get a rebound or block. Which is crazy cause I average like 3 to 4 blocks a game in 3v3 and atleast 7 to 8 rebounds.

So they beat me and a random 21-1 This pissed me off so I had to play them again until I beat them.

Sadly though I lost every game because it's not realistic and the randoms are idiots on there. The game that I could've won dude bricked a 3 when it wasn't need and after that we could stop them cause they would just throw oops every play.

If it wasn't 4 in the morning I probably would've sold this damn game.

I've never been so mad and frustrated with a bball.
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