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Originally Posted by Fudge
And.. that's a bad thing? Noah's similar to Andy?

I agree with your take on Yi, but if that's the reason why you don't think Noah's better than thats just plain raw.

Varejao provides hustle and energy and if you don't think that's important in the league or to his team, think again.

I agree. The best Noah can possibly be if he keeps progressing at his current rate will be Varejao, which would be a very good thing for whatever team has him. Vaerjao was a huge part in the Cavs shut down defense they played on their run to the finals. Not enough credit for the Cavs success has been given to their defense, which doesn't showcase LBJ as their star, but it showcases their entire team.

Still, Yi for me. The guy was able to average 13 ppg against a team of USA stars. He speaks his english very well for an international player, proving he's got some sort of intelligence. Maybe that'll help him get adjusted to the NBA. Also, I feel as though Yi's game will be much different than what most NBA players are used to for a PF. Once Yi learns to use that to his advantage he should be a solid starter if not more.
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