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So, 2k14 is lame.... After 5 seasons with the Lakers, the owner decides to fire me because he's "very frustrated" with me, omfg s*ck a fat d*!!!! I brought another 2 rings to the team and this is how you repay me. I brought Melo, I brought Russell Westrbrook after Kobe retired in the summer of 2017. Had 25m cap space, signed Westbrook, but failed to win a ring (simulated the playoffs), brought in Tony Parker a season after, traded Westbrook (Rated 96^99) for Anthony Davis (92) & a game after that. that's when I get fired. zzzzzzzzzz

MyPlayer is boring. The game physics is lacking for me, the players seem to be wobbly? No I'm not high. lol But the graphics is amazing, though.
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