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Default Re: Rockets target Lewis

Originally Posted by A-MATT
y are we wasting our time pursuing Rashard when we know good and well we aight gonna get him. I say we sign Joe Smith or P.J. Brown and call it a day.

Wow. So who is our third scorer? Bonzi? James? I'm not saying either of them can't fill that role, but they both had bad seasons this past season. So we should not try to go after the best free agent on the market, that happens to live in freakin' Houston and may actually want to play here. Come on now. It's one thing to not get him, it's a totally different thing to not try.

Do we let him string us along for a month and a half? No, definitely not if it looks as if he is stringing us along for the heck of it and looks to be going to Orlando or Seattle.
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