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Default Re: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

I finished the main mission. It was enjoyable, but it's a pretty tough game. I tried to ghost my way through the level without killing anyone (what I do in most stealth games), but I got blindsided by enemies pretty often because of how wide open the game is.

Story was good. Like I said before, I've never played a MGS game, but I've watched a lot of MGS4 on youtube and it's ridiculously cheesy and over the top. Luckily, this game remained pretty grounded and didn't include any cheesy or cringe worthy scenes. Actually, the last scene was cringe worthy, but for different reasons. I also really liked Kiefer's voice acting.

So yeah, this has me pumped for Phantom Pain. Seems like it's kind of a ways off though.
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