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Originally Posted by $LakerGold
So, 2k14 is lame.... After 5 seasons with the Lakers, the owner decides to fire me because he's "very frustrated" with me, omfg s*ck a fat d*!!!! I brought another 2 rings to the team and this is how you repay me. I brought Melo, I brought Russell Westrbrook after Kobe retired in the summer of 2017. Had 25m cap space, signed Westbrook, but failed to win a ring (simulated the playoffs), brought in Tony Parker a season after, traded Westbrook (Rated 96^99) for Anthony Davis (92) & a game after that. that's when I get fired. zzzzzzzzzz

MyPlayer is boring. The game physics is lacking for me, the players seem to be wobbly? No I'm not high. lol But the graphics is amazing, though.

lol yea I mean it prolly is lame, but shit like that is good for gaming I think. What's wrong with getting fired when you feel you were doing a good job? Happens all of the time in reality.

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