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Default Re: The Atlantic...The Winners...The Losers...Who has it?

The Atlantic division will only place 2 teams in the postseason.

New Jersey and Toronto. Which of the two is better? Which of the two will win the division? I dont know. Both are playoff contenders and it would be interesting to see.

Toronto, NJ, Clev, Chi, Det, Miami...thats 6 teams who should make the playoffs because they have playoff caliber teams.

2 spots are left. Milw healthy? Is a playoff contender in my book. The injuries to most of the starters/core really hurt them bigtime. At full strength? This team wins atleast 41 games. Enough to get them into the playoffs in the East.

So that leaves you with 1 spot. Good luck Boston and NYK. I dont see 3 playoff teams in the Atlantic. Lets atleast try to be realistic here and knock off the homer crap.
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