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Originally Posted by outbreak
saw that the other day. I also saw IGN's game play demo and it looked pretty sick, been really itching for it after seeing that. I was hoping to see more on the career mode though, what have you heard about it? Is it similar to nba2k myplayer and can you use the custom rosters in it?
The IGN demo was on an older build apparently, they've made improvements since.

The career mode looks super customizeable and very involved, and yeah sounds a lot like NBA 2K. You can upload all your own teams from user created ones before you start. Just like 2K, you can sim parts of the match where you don't play. You can choose to field or just sim through it, but you don't get XP points for simming. I remember reading somewhere that one of the developers has been playing the career mode 4 hours a day for like 2 months and he's only 4 years in his player's career.

Here's the official line on what's in the mode.

* You play as One Player - Name Him and Alter his Appearance, give him a nationality and set attributes

* You give your player a Role - batter, bowler, batting all rounder, bowling all rounder

* You start as a 16 year old and go for 20 years

* You are offered Contracts each year with performance related bonuses

* There are 5 Ranks that you must climb - ultimately playing for your International Team

* Skills are increased by playing the game well, or decreased by playing badly, as your skill level increases so will your rank, your rank can also decrease as well.

* Match Types and Lengths of matches increase as your rank increases - with Test Matches only happening in Rank 5

* The game will simulate up until your participation point in any given match, you will also be able to drop in and field as yourself if you wish, or continue to simulate at any time.

* Money you earn is used as a High Score on an Online Leaderboard

* There is also a unique First Person View (as well as 3rd person), we have even integrated Oculus with the PC version and it was awesome, it felt like you were there!!
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