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Originally Posted by nightprowler10
The IGN demo was on an older build apparently, they've made improvements since.

The career mode looks super customizeable and very involved, and yeah sounds a lot like NBA 2K. You can upload all your own teams from user created ones before you start. Just like 2K, you can sim parts of the match where you don't play. You can choose to field or just sim through it, but you don't get XP points for simming. I remember reading somewhere that one of the developers has been playing the career mode 4 hours a day for like 2 months and he's only 4 years in his player's career.

Here's the official line on what's in the mode.

I really can't wait for this, I've been wanting a career mode in a cricket game ever since I played my first nba2k game years ago. I'm going to have to really try to smash through my current back log of 3ds games next week because when this comes out I doubt I'll be playing anything else for awhile.
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