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Default Re: If Melo stays in New York, what should the Bulls plans be?

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd
Where would Boozer fit in? If the Bulls were to bring Mirotic to the NBA finally and kept Boozer that would be 3 Power Forwards. Boozer has to go especially if Mirotic joins the team. Taj can start and Mirotic can come off the bench while he gets used to the NBA.

I want them to go after another superstar. They have to right now. Rose isn't leading a team to the championship especially as he gets used to playing again. Noah is good but he needs help. I want to see them go out and get that superstar this summer and try and contend next season.

1. Boozer will be your starting PF but his minutes will decrease. Right now when noah goes out bulls bring in Taj at the C position. When we do that next year we bring in taj at C and Mirotic as PF. We have to remember Mirotic is not getting more than 15 mins per game as THibs does not usually play rookies and yes Mirotic is still considered a rookie.

2. In terms of bringing in a Superstar, I do not see that happening this summer unless its Melo. We do not have the cap space and bringing in a superstar requires you to kill some depth. The only star this offseason worth killing your depth for is Melo as I do not think Bron is going anywhere.

3. After next season summer of 2015 is when the bulls will have the cap space to go after a superstar. By then we will have more depth and hopefully rose is over his knee ailments.
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