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Originally Posted by raiderfan19
His approval rating was high enough the only two times it mattered.

If I recall, his approval rating was one of the lowest ever for an incumbent president. Americans were "frightened" into voting for Bush. Kerry was smeared by the "liberal" media. The "softie" that killed a "loinclothed child" in Vietnam, according to the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth". The man that will ban the Bible and let the terrorists win! Oh, and every single American will be forced to enter into a gay marriage.

Throw in the fact that roughly 3 million votes were never even counted, most from poor districts, and well.. I don't know how high I'd hang my head on that "victory".

Hopefully, Americans will wake up and realize that this is what a Republican controlled government looks like: corporate handouts, tax breaks for the rich, secrecy and spying. Oh, and war. I forgot that part. An ill-conceived war, at that. A war with no strategy except, well, whatever the opposite of "cutting and running" is. Staying and walking?
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