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Originally Posted by joe
Spoiler free early impressions:

Got Dark Souls 2 today for both ps3 and xbox. First thing I noticed- It doesn't come with a manual! Lame! Though somewhat forgivable in Dark Souls' case because it adds to the "figure it out yourself" aura of the game. But we all know they did it to cut costs.

The graphics and atmosphere are GREAT! I wasn't a huge fan of those aspects in Dark Souls 1. I am also loving the enemy design so far.

Combat and controls feel as tight as ever.

Difficulty seems to be the same as the other two, it's still a tough game. I have been playing without a shield though, but that's how I always play. And I don't use magic or bows.
Is it just me or the target lock feature is smoother and less restraining. I played the first one without using the feature as it limited my style. I love dodging attacks and circling the enemy, way more fun than trying to withstand attacks with a shield.
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