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Default Re: Report: Lewis Agrees To Sign With Magic

Originally Posted by Take Your Lumps
They already did, right before July 1.

What's going to happen is that the Magic will let him loose to talk with other teams.....then Darko & his agent will get laughed at when they ask for $10 mil per year (no joke) and he will end up signing for the 1 year tendered offer.

Read that report again.

The only thing that's concrete is the fact that Lewis is signing.

The Darko thing is pure speculation on the part of the editor.

I knew it was too good to be true.

I know Darko has been overrated for the past few years, but heck if he is out there, I wouldn't mind the Rockets signing him. If anyone can get the best out of him, it would be Rick Adelman. He would have no choice considering the Rockets have no other options besides Chucky.

Oh well, hopefully Morey does decide to go after Milicic. A sign and trade, perhaps?

Magic signs Milicic for 3 year 26M contract, with a TO in the 3rd year and trade him to the Rockets (although we have nothing useful).

Wishful thinking :).
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