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Default Re: Euroleague Already Has made up info about NBA Expansion Clubs London, Paris In Place

Originally Posted by el gringos
The main reason the nba hasn't expanded into Europe is that it will crush the euroleague. This isn't some cooperating group of leagues. The biggest anti nba group there is has to be euroleague owners. It is foolish to think that the euroleague is calling some of or any of the shots in setting up teams. If the NBA decides to take that market the teams will be set up through the NBA and the euroleague will become an undisputed minor league.

Any euroleague fan should be fearfull of the nba coming in and destroying their league.

But "it's the richest club". Well they will go by the same rules as any other team and being the richest will be the same advantage ny and la have.

Everything you said there is total bullshit.
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