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Default Re: If Melo stays in New York, what should the Bulls plans be?

I'm so happy that people are starting to agree with me; the Bulls need to do SOMETHING.

That said... If Melo signs, or wants to, great. Amnesty Boozer if needed to make room.

If no Melo...
1) KEEP Boozer. He offers more value as a trade chip with his expiring contract than the cap room he would afford us. Unless we
1a) Only change is if another top-notch FA is willing to sign... mainly Love, Lebron, Bosh.
2) Trade one, two, or three of our main assets: two picks, Mirotic. All of those are unproven assets; if we can get some one proven (and good, of course), that puts us that much closer to a 'chip. Think... Klay, Barnes, Kemba, Derozan, Parsons... etc. I'd rather grab one of those players than roll the dice on picks in the 10-20 range, plus a Euro that no one knows anything about
3) Bring Rose back slowly. Minutes limitations to start the PREseason, continue them into the season. Increase the minutes incrementally throughout the year, so that after the AS break he's playing his full amount. We've proven that we can win without him. The limitations provide two net positives:
A) Rose can regain his game form and strength without the team relying on him too much, and
B) Rose can fit in to our new offense, rather than upsetting/changing it

The last couple months of the season is our playoff tune-up... Rose and hopefully Noah healthy, playing together, Boozer has been cut/traded so Taj is in more, shooters spacing the floor... Think the same well-oiled machine, with one extra shooter, and Rose there in case the machine starts to break down.
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