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Default Re: Can Doug McDermott crack the top 10??

I posted this in the college forum as a couple paragraphs in a recap of my trip to the Big East that actually took two posts. I was really impressed.

Game three we skipped gambling on. It was an awfull Depaul team vs. Creighton, but the number was a huge 16.5. Anyone who knows college basketball knows a blowout could be 10 points, so I didn't want to lay that much. It was my first experience seeing Doug McDermott live, and was incredibly impressed. This isn't just a shooter. He's much bigger than I expected. I believe he's listed at 6-8, and I was expecting 6-6, but I would say he appeared closer to 6-10. And his movement skills were remarkable. He's not explosive or fast, but he's incredibly smooth and balanced. He ran off curls a ton, and his ability to change direction coming off them was noticable. And he took the ball in transition more than once. Dropping off one handed touch passes, and once throwing a cross court lefty skip pass right off the bounce directly in front of us, that I'm sure didn't look like much on TV, but was no small deal seeing it. The kid can flat out play. He competes on the boards. His post game is totally playable. He'll throw that Dirk knee up shot at you in a flash. And the ball handling was better than I expected. And the jumper is as pure as I'd imagined. You could tell especially in warm ups, when the misses came off so incredibly soft. He set a Big East first half record with 27, and just seemed like he could do whatever he wanted. They won and covered, although there were moments I was thrilled I didn't bet on them. You don't want to be up 20 all game and win by 15 because the last five minutes didn't matter and you choked up a cover.

The team was good but not great. They have a bunch of smart guys. But they never got to the free throw line. Way to dependent on face up shots. But McDermott will be a really good pro. He's a much better player than Kyle Korver. I had thrown out Matt Harpring somewhere, but he's much better than that. If he goes 12, he'll outplay three or four of the guys taken ahead of him. The jumper will keep him from busting, and gun to my head right now, I'd take him over Marcus Smart. Won't happen, but he's just got so much fitt-ability, I think he's more plug and play than a guy who I'm not sure how good he is without the ball, and not sure he's good enough I want to build my franchise around him having it. McDermott was bad defensively. And not because he couldn't move his feet or anything. He just noticably got lost more than once, which is a little scary for a guy that instinctive, but I'd rather try to drill that out of him. More than once he had his back facing up court, which is just like an amatuerish mistake. Lost his guy behind him a few times. Just real problems unrelated to his limited athleticism, and when the athleticism is limited, you can't have those mistakes.
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