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Default Re: Dumars Out The Door?

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
lol. I think there would have been zero chance of Phil going to Detroit. To advise on a temporary basis, maybe. To live here after living in LA, veeeeerrrryyy wishful thinking lol.

I actually think there would have been a chance. Think about it, it took the Knicks about 3 months of courting him to get him to go there. Not to mention he's making as much money as a franchise player. I think if the Pistons would have done the same there would have been a good chance. Actually a lot of teams should have done the same. Jackson said he wanted back in the game (but in that sort of role). Even Jeanie was trying to get him to get back in the game in some kind of capacity. He already had a relationship with Gores. It's not a crazy thought. Anyway it can never happen now. At his age he'll finish with the Knicks.

Any thoughts on who you would like to go after?
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