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Default Re: I wanna argue about something...

In reality however Isiah has never reached any of the goals he set out for himself and has continually come up short of expectations.

Because he is in NY and has extra money he can always buy his way into mediocrity by gobbling the next big contract of an overpaid psuedo-superstar that comes around his way. Unfortunately for Isiah, lately mediocrity, even in the crap that is the Eastern Conference, is too hard for him to attain.

Zach Randolph will be another example of someone underachieving in a Knicks uniform. He had a big year for a bad Portland team (primary post options always put up inflated numbers on bad teams). The saddest thing of all is that for Zach or Eddy Curry to do well, the other will have to do poorly, so Isiah has gone out and created a controversy before the season even started. The idea that two posts can thrive will the ball hogging Stephon Marbury is ludacris.

Isiah has gone again and blown his wad on the first thing he saw and has guaranteed another sub-mediocre season. WHy not gt someone to compliment Curry instead of someone to compete with him.

Stupid moves from a stupid GM, who despite his knack for assessing talent, makes dumb decision after dumb decision at the executive level.
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