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Default Re: I wanna argue about something...

See, I do agree with a lot of what you wrote but you got to understand that trading for Randolph was an amazing move because let's face it, a toxic contract like Francis' won't land you the greatest player in the world.

Although it's true that Zach and Curry really don't seem to complement each other well, the Knicks have upgraded their talent level.

I mean, that team looks much more sexier with Randolph instead of Francis and if things go right, Isiah should have no problem to move either Zach or Curry because you clearly need a post defender next to either of them, not a blackhole who can't play D which is what both of them are.

Let me put it this way. Is this the trade that Isiah shouldn't have made? Absolutley not. He made the right decision and I believe that this is a brilliant trade.

He can now use perhaps Zach or Curry plus some other attractive Knicks pieces like Lee and Richardson to go after a big name player.

See, I don't think Isiah is done here. I just think he's doing the right thing.

You're assuming that he's planning to keep both Zach and Curry. That probably isn't true because Isiah knows what is needed next to those type of players which explains his inquiry in both Sheed and Jermaine.

Isiah isn't done and I'm sure he"ll add more talent to the Knicks team.

First get talent, then take care of the balance. I believe the Knicks are on a good way to achieve something and I'm certain that they"ll make the playoffs this year.
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