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Default Re: Dumars Out The Door?

It's going to be a longer road to being good than we thought. Dumars had cap space and signed BG and CV. It didn't work out. When we finally got cap space again he signed Josh Smith. At least Smith is a good player though. It's not going to work out again.... Right now we at least have that asset to trade. I feel like even though Smith makes 13 million per season it's not a bad deal for his talent. There's going to be teams that miss out on big name FA's over the next few years and will be looking for a good player. I think he's tradeable to a team with cap space. We have to cross our fingers that's the plan.

We also need to hope the Pistons lose every game for the rest of the season. The past 3-4 years they've went on winning streaks at the end of the season and it really screwed up our draft order. This year if we don't finish with that #8 pick locked up it goes to Charlotte. That would be a huge blow to our franchise. Not a smart move trading away a potential starter for BG. We really need that pick this year. As bad as it sounds I hope they don't win. I'd love to see the Pistons get a good SF or another solid guard. Next year Charlotte can have the pick.
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