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Default Re: How to improve your basketball confidence

Originally Posted by bdreason
I always pump up my confidence by reminding myself even the best players in the world only makes half their shots.

As for dribbling, just try to dribble less. Don't start dribbling right when you receive a pass. When you do dribble, dribble with intent. It shouldn't take you more than 3 dribbles to get your shot from anywhere on the (half) court.

Yep, my game totally changed after the first time I was put into a drill where it is a half court scrimmage where you can't take more than 3 dribbles. It really teaches you the importance of the triple threat and angles when attacking the hoop. To this day I doubt I ever take more than 5 dribbles without a pass or shot.

It is especially important for a young player's confidence because nothing is as demoralizing as getting your cookies taken.
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