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Default Re: Watch Dogs out on May 27

Originally Posted by lilgodfather1
Every game will be better on ps4 all gen long. No amount of optimization can compensate for ram bottlenecks, and a weak gpu.

The only way a game will be better on xbox is if the developers are incompetant. That's not a console warrior thing that is just a fact. The way the are set up is the same, except one of them is just stronger.

I would say watchdogs would be comparable to ass creed. 900p xbox, 1080p ps4, and a smoother framerate.

except you know tomb raider and thief which have horrible jutter and wildly varying unlocked frame rates on ps4 but 0 lag or jutter on xbox....

we all know your a fanboy and your mum won't purchase another console for you this generation so you have to puff out your chest and spout bullshit about the xbox whenever possible but maybe you should be doing that on some of the sony gaming forums rather than ish.
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