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Default Re: Watch Dogs out on May 27

Originally Posted by outbreak
except you know tomb raider and thief which have horrible jutter and wildly varying unlocked frame rates on ps4 but 0 lag or jutter on xbox....

we all know your a fanboy and your mum won't purchase another console for you this generation so you have to puff out your chest and spout bullshit about the xbox whenever possible but maybe you should be doing that on some of the sony gaming forums rather than ish.
The ps4 version of tomb raider is native 1080p, xbox is 1080p with 900p cutscenes, and the frame rate is twice as high. Not sure where you were going with thag perfect example of the ps4s superiority... thief another game that is native 1080p on ps4, but only 900p on xbone. The ps4 lacks af though which is weird.

Edit: call of duty ghosts 1080p vs 720p, bf4 900p (only non 1080p ps4 game) vs 720p, and ps4 has a 10fps advantage, ac4 1080p vs 900p.

So of the multi plat games theif is the only one that you could make a real argument that it actually runs better on xbox. But yes lets live in your fantasy world where there are two gpus in the one that will give devs a stronger machine to work with.

Edit 2: and for some tomb raider reading

Xbox drops to 18fps at the lowest point, ps4 to 32. But xvox has no judder.. who is the fanboy again?

As for thief having no judder the lowest fps on xbox is 20, and ps4 is 25... again not sure where you were going with the judder argument..

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