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Default Re: East is powering up....

Originally Posted by Take Your Lumps
Good point, but in Orlando's case I'm also taking into consideration their considerable upgrade in coaching. SVG will put a good team out there....I would say maybe 45 wins.

But as you get higher up in the standings, you can't look at raw win's all exponential.

A team like boston who won 24 games might win 40 the next which is a great step in the right direction but i think it's a lot harder to break yourself from the middle of the pack and into 45-50 win territory than it is to distance yourself from the bottom feeders and into mediocrity.

Just my opinion.
Well, the Celts can easily beat Orlando in a 7 seven game series now. Dwight struggled on O(14 ppg) when being played by Kendrick, while Jefferson played above average being played by Dwight (21 ppg). Add the fact that Rashard is a lazy defender so Pierce will go off, and although Ray Allen isn't spectacular on D, Hedo/Ariza won't burn us too bad.
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