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Default Re: East is powering up....

So what if the West got Durant and Oden?

The East got LeBron, Wade, and Bosh just a few years ago.

The problem with the Eastern Conference is the GMs in the East don't have a clue as to how to build a good TEAM. Too many GMs in the East have no clue as to how to manage assets, no real vision for their teams, and consequently end up making ill-advised draft selections and/or trades.

Idiots like Isiah and Ainge are running amok in the East. Look at Colangelo ... goes to the Raptors, one of the worst teams in the East, and in 1-year turns them into a 3rd seed playoff team in the East.

The GMs in the West are simply better than the GMs in the East, that's why there's this huge disparity between the two conferences. What's the excuse for teams like Atlanta that get high draft picks every year, have cap room every year, still sucking every year? Even the Clippers have gotten decent.

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