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Default Re: East is powering up....

Originally Posted by Take Your Lumps
What never happened?

You're telling me that wasn't the talk around here as soon as Francis was traded to NY?

It was the butt of every joke.

You obviously lack in basketball IQ and before you go talking about the knicks and zach randoph make sure you know the facts and the players, team plan, and roles on the team, as well as player background. Randoph was never EVER selfish with the ball untill last season because no one else except for roy towards the end of the season could score and he basically put everything on his back. So to say there would be a problem with him sharing the ball is just ridiculous. And before last season he still averaged more than 20pts and 10 rebounds. So you are WRONG. ALso Curry does not hog the ball and is not SELFISH ENOUGH. The knicks run the ball through him because that is part of the team plan, he is in no way selfish. AGAIN WRONG! Zack will be playing around the free throw line where frye was playing last season shooting the mid Js and driving playing off of eddy curry. Two different positions and two different roles for the team. Please learn some basketball and don't talk without knowing total knowledge of the situation. You should be embarrassed.
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