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Default Re: Does Duncan need to add anything to his game???

Yeah, his FT's could be better... but does it need to be? Apparently not. Guy's got four rings now.

Sure, he'll have his 4-10 or 6-13 every now and then, but he's also capable of going 5-7, 7-8, or 9-14 too.

Against Dallas last postseason, he went for 7-12 in the first game, 12-14 in the next, 10-15 in one game, 8-10 in the next. Not horrible at all. In the '05 championship run, he had a string of good FT shooting games. Starting at the end of the Sonics series, going into the Suns series. Shooting 14-17 in game six of round two, then going 8-10, 10-11, and 15-15 in a win against Phoenix.

He can hit FT's, he's just streaky and inconsistent (obviously). You want to see bad free throw shooting, take a look at Shaquille O'Neal, Ben Wallace, or Andris Beidrins (just watching him shoot them is tough enough). At least you can count on Duncan to swish a bunch of them by the end of a series, not just hoping they go in, or get that lucky bounce. I'll take Duncan's 63% over a horrendous 43% anyday.

As far as conviction goes, eh, perhaps that's what sets him apart from some of these other players. The Kenyon Martin's, the Amare Stoudemire's. "Groundhog Day" doesn't rely on or focus on (to whatever extent) a mental edge. He lets his game do the talking, and I can respect that. Players should talk less and do more. It doesn't matter if Rasheed Wallace can "guarantee" a win if he's not going to represent that on court... Who knows, maybe Duncan does take part in alot of talking and mental games, none of us are really on the court during games to know. I've seen him barking at opponents before, like any basketball player. Just never broadcasts it, never publicizes it. It's never at the forefront.

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