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Default Re: If Melo stays in New York, what should the Bulls plans be?

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd
The offense still wouldn't be too great. But that's a really good starting lineup. I would like to see that. They would easily be the best defensive team in the league. The bench can put up points. I would keep Fredette for some more offense. Definitely draft a back up C and some more players who can score.
I agree, but unless the team signs Melo, it's going to be tough to really improve the offense (unless we hit on a draft pick). Lance isn't a poor offensive player either, he's averaging 14 a game. He can take a rebound and turn it into a layup/dunk on the other end.

I don't believe he leads the Pacers in assists anymore, but he is still very close to leading the Pacers in rebounds and assists. The other two players leading their teams in those categories...Lebron and Noah. I will say Lance turns the ball over too much, but seems like a great fit otherwise.
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