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Originally Posted by Wadeisabeast
Too late on the delete, somebody already quoted it.
I quoted it again just incase you feel bad one day and decide to edit the one where you quoted him haha

Originally Posted by Agent_Zero
This is a poem i wrote when a girl i really truly loved cheated on me.

i was devastated.


In the spare of the moment I looked to your eyes for the easy comfort that I'd looked for seeing the slow moving waves swaying but a rapid uncontrollable tide set ablaze only seeing me in the reflection knowing I was the cause.

In the spare of the moment I knew that what I thought was freedom was but a sentence to life in your tormenting prison.

In the spare of the moment I knew that the illusion that I thought was love was but a trick of evil deception locking me away in the depths of your heart.
In the spare of the moment I knew I had given it to you, I knew that I had given you the satisfaction to control my life. I left for you, after these words you con me into saying and you stole it away before I knew what I had done and when I realized it I thought I could break it but I couldn't because that was part of it to give you more power.

In the spare of the moment I thought I had broken your spell that you so simply called love not knowing its lingering affects. Not knowing I had sealed more a long hand delivered what you wanted straight to control, you wanted me to say it then scare me into denial thus leaving me to run trapping myself. In the spare of the moment my life was over, I was at your disposal, I died there in an instance.

In the spare of that very moment you used your "love” to leave me with but guilt and despair and I figured I couldn’t help it as this power was too great for my soul to contain so you harness it to your own power. I gave you the reins to my heart for you to whip me for the rest of my life and yet every lash left a tiny but indefinite painful scar for me to live with and show. You had everything you could possibly want and I gave it to you. In the spare of the moment.

...........In the spare of that very moment you won.

....In that moment I died

... In that moment love changed all and transformed to power.....

In that moment love chained me down.

Love can shift the tables..............*whispers and fades* in the spare of.....a moment.
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