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Default Re: If Melo stays in New York, what should the Bulls plans be?

Originally Posted by drwax26
I like Kyle Anderson's game a lot. He can handle the ball and is a very good passer. He is pretty unathletic so he will have to get by on his B-ball IQ.

I would not grab a SG in FA because we have butler and Tony Snell(who is a shooter).
I'm with you guys on Kyle Anderson, he has some serious ball skills for his size. He's going to be way out of Chicago's reach unless they were to move up, no way he falls out of the top 10.

Tony Snell ain't that great of a shooter though. He gets a break since he's a rookie, but I wouldn't hesitate to replace him with a more proven player. Cartier Martin was better, and could of been had for less than half of what we pay Snell.
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