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Default Re: Kevin Durant Overated

Originally Posted by cdub1591
Ok in my opinion, Durant is very overated...Lets not 4get college and the NBA are totally different...Durant is very weak and Ray Allen was strong...Ray could have helped Durant alot...Thats why Lebron didnt win the championship because he didnt have the guidance from a vet that knows pretty much everything...It will take Durant a couple years to develop into the star u people think he will be, but he will be a star...:Get rid of Wally and Ridnour, and Bring Back Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen

-Chris Williams

What? Emotionally? Physically? You say LeBron didn't win because he didn't have Vet what? Dude is only 22 years old...he has plenty of time to grow. Obviously it'll take Durant time to grow, nobody expects him to enter his prime in the first season.

How is he overrated? Because he had one of the greatest college seasons in NCAA history?
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