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Default Re: Euroleague Already Has made up info about NBA Expansion Clubs London, Paris In Place

The NBA announced that the San Antonio Spurs will play against.......

the German club Alba Berlin, which is a Eurocup club, a team that does not even play in the Euroleague, but instead plays in the league level that is below the Euroleague............Alba is the THIRD BEST TEAM IN THE GERMAN LEAGUE.

and against the Turkish club Fenerbache Istanbul, which proved once again this year, like every single other year, that it is one of the worst teams in the Euroleague.......yet somehow, for some strange reason, they always get picked to play against NBA teams every year. Fener, which gets picked to play against NBA teams every year, is seen as the biggest freaking joke of a club in the whole entire Euroleague, and yet, this is who the NBA is ALWAYS playing against EVERY SINGLE YEAR - the clown club of all Euroleague.

Yeah, and Alba, which isn't even a Euroleague team, but is instead a team that plays in Europe's 2nd tier league, also got picked to play against the Mavericks already by the NBA, so no one can claim they were picked so that people in Germany could get to see an NBA game, since they already got one in 2012............

Once again, the NBA is PURPOSELY ducking all the good Euroleague teams. Sending the Spurs to play against a Eurocup team, Alba, which does not even play in Euroleague, but plays in Europe's 2nd tier league, and Fener, which every single year is one of the worst teams in the Euroleague.

Yeah, let's not send the Spurs to actually play against a good Euroleague team or anything..........nope, we can't have that. No. Let's not send the Spurs to difficult Euroleague arena or anything.........nope can't have that.

Let's send them to play crappy ass teams, that have some of the weakest home arena advantages.

This shit just never ends.



There is not any excuse at this point. It is PROVED. The NBA is AFRAID of the Euroleague.
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