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Default Re: Aldon Smith detained at airport for saying he has a bomb.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
TMZ has the only footage of Aldon at the seriously blows my mind how good they are at being the first to get stuff like that.

I picture TMZ having black suit agents like in the Matrix who are on your ass within minutes if you happened to have filmed a celeb who got in just can't escape unless you are Neo
On vacation one of my friends tried to get in between a fight between her two friends It was right outside the hotel She got knocked into the fountain as they tossed her off. She told us the story. Everyone laughed, they stopped fighting, they said sorry, whatever.

A year later she was searching online for that hotel to show us where it was (it's a famous place in singapore) and the video of her flying into the fountain was there. Someone posted it on youtube as "stupid girl flies into fountain" or something.

Shit happens, people immediately whip out the phone. It's amazing.
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