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Default Re: Aldon Smith detained at airport for saying he has a bomb.

Originally Posted by Tarik One
I got all kinds of hood fights and spats recorded on my phone. I wonder if i can make money off of them. I even recorded a guy who got hit by a moving train. I was the first on the scene and he was busted up pretty bad.
I wonder if this would be on youtube (totally off topic), was walking to subway and at the diner on probably 53rd and 6th (something like that) some woman was sitting at the table and her daughter (I assume) were sitting at the table brawling. I mean punches, headlocks, not two five year olds, like college age. While sitting. Woman was looking for waiter and seemed oblivious. People were filming on their phones, it was weird, like TV playing a joke weird. And it was the day Obama was around so there are a million cops around, like 10 feet away.
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