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Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
I've already passed Demon's Souls. I just sat on Dark Souls and didn't play past a few hours.

By the way do you have any good build recommendations for builds for both games. I don't like sorcerers and clerics. I mainly like knights and warriors who have a little projectile magic. I'm willing to use the swordsman or some some sort of ninja/dexterity build. I mainly want a good player vs environment build.

For Dark Souls 1..... the Legend:

Chaos or Lightning Zweihander (found in the cemetery right next to Firelink Shrine)
Mask of The Father.
Giants everything else.(bought in Anor Londo... use Knight armor with Leather leggins till's you get there)

Havel's Ring
Ring of Favor and Protection

Stats.... you know what, just look at the video:

I am still waiting for the DS2 PC release. But as of now, i'm thinking of a Claymore/Faith build. Faith is much more viable in DS2.
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