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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

This season was a very different season for Gordon Hayward. Last year, he played off the action of Jefferson and Millsap. This year he created the action. Comparing the shots charts of the last two seasons shows this difference.

The right wing action is the most interesting. Last year a great deal of that comes off the left block play of Al Jefferson. This year he is creating for himself in those areas.

He has become better in the areas close to the basket. If you narrow it more from what you can see here he improved from 53% to 57% in the restricted area this year.

Looking at these charts Gordon has improved in the areas around the basket which are most difficult, but he lost the good looks from other players action. If he gets that back with a better surrounding roster he will be a vastly improved player.

A better cast and better role. He should have never been the go to guy even with the current roster.

Bring back the 40% right side three point shooting with the improvement around the paint and you have a very solid and efficient offensive player.

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