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Default Re: Premier League Hall of Champions

Congratulations to Premier League rookie (not sure if thats even true but you're a rookie to me!), and general multi sport premier league whipping boy, Attila the Hun, for reversing history and shoving his hungarian (not sure if true, but you're now hungarian!), eastern european, east side detroit, don't know where they've been, fingers in everyones butt this season. After a closely contested matchup that came down to the final day, Attila's end of season stat padding additions ultimately pulled ahead and got enough buckets to claim the PTS category and the 5-4 victory. Shoutout to Tyreke Evans, Terrence Jones, Zach Randolph, and Joakim Noah for really putting the team on their back. This is a great accomplishment, enjoy Kevin Durant next season.

Big congratulations to iamgine for another amazing season, even though your team is by far the most predictable, and as a result, annoying to play against, it is no doubt effective. It is unfortunate that the end of the season results in so many key players being reduced to limited, or no role at all. Nevertheless, you were a worthy finalist and have once again proven your quality. Congrats on 2nd place.

Shoutout to OJ Mayo for 3rd place. Great Season Everyone!

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