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Default Re: Series Thread: Brooklyn versus Raptors!

Originally Posted by brwnman
Yes, thought about it the other day. Toronto needs to play the same defense that they were in the middle stretch of the season. Not going to be an easy series. I think the Raptors can take the Nets, but objectively I'm predicting Nets in 6. I think Nets will steal 1 of 2 at ACC early and win the rest at home.

I'll continue adding to the thread periodically over the next couple of days.

I'll go opposite of you and say Raps in 6. I just think with the way that Val finished off the season Brooklyn will have troubles matching up because they are the 2nd worst rebounding team in the NBA.

While experience is important I think that last years Lakers proved that old players are a disaster come playoff. I'll take our young legs over the older players on the other side.

We also have the best player in Lowry, who can win us a game. As of right now Lowry > Deron Williams.
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