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Default Re: Season of the tank!-2013-14 regular season

Letís just hope those 16 ping pong balls donít turn out to be the important ones. This is a terrific group of people from the players to the coaches to the support staff to my fellow co-workers in the broadcast department and it is really nice for everyone to leave the season on a positive note.

This may have been Trey Burkeís best game of the season. He has improved dramatically in the final month of the season. After a month of staying away from the paint like he was allergic to it he is now driving into the lane and making plays. The coaching staff worked really hard on getting him to create for his teammates and he started to do that more and more. As he gets stronger in the off-season and works on the type of shots he will need to take to be successful he will improve dramatically.

Treyís clutch play is incredible he shot 51% from the field and insane 16 of 29 from 3 for 55%, the 2nd best rate of anyone in the NBA and nearly impeccable 16 of 17 from the line, the 5th best free throw shooter in the clutch in the NBA. This is what separates the kid. He has an inappropriate confidence and that is a wonderful thing. This will drive him to success in the NBA.

The Jazz played with great pace in the 1st quarter. With Alec and Jeremy in the starting line-up the Jazz were a much faster team and got out and ran. Fast break points only tell part of the story. When they get up the floor in a hurry and they keep the pressure up then any mismatches stay for the whole possession. The Jazz need to play with much more tempo next year.

That's one thing I expected this year with Al gone.

They canít survive being this young and ranking 26th in pace of play and using the most possessions of anyone in the NBA in the final 12 seconds of the shot clock. This will be part of Treyís development as well.

Sounds like he is a big reason for the slow pace.

Derrick Favors has been steadily building an offensive game piece by piece. It is not a huge ahh moment it is much more subtle. However, more and more he is comfortable in the post, reading the floor correctly, working off the defender and making plays. He closed the final 20 games of the season averaging 16 points on 56% shooting. Tonight he had 21 on 8 of 12 shooting.

What a cool way for Jeremy Evans to close the year. He has proven that is he is a viable NBA player. Not sure if it is a full time rotation player but he is a solid player that can help you win games and alter pace. He was very very good on Love tonight. He got into his body and he denied him any room and Love didnít want to fight through it. JE finished with 18 points, 11 rebounds and 3 steals and 3 blocks.
His best game ever. Maybe he could start?

How nice for Malcom Thomas to have something to build off. He looked like an NBA player. He knew where he could have success and how he was going to play. Nailed a three and showed the ability to play in the post.

Tip of the hat to Richard Jefferson for playing 82 games and finished the year over 40% from three

Certainly wasn't expecting that from him.

Gordon Hayward finished with 23 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists and Kevin Martin was just 2 of 5 when Hayward switched over to him after Burks had fouled out. Tyrone Corbinís quick substitution of Hayward in the 3rd quarter was strange but it was fortunate because Hayward ended up logging 46 minutes.

Rudy Gobert put out a solid and important 14 minutes. For the first time his length impacted the game offensively as well as defensively. He grabbed 3 offensive rebounds for put backs and in 13 minutes had 8 points and 9 rebounds. He is a lot further along than anyone thought he would be at this point.

Maybe his best game too. I thought he'd do better offensively after what I saw in the summer.

Trey Burke was +19 in a 6 point win. Kevin Love was -12 in a 6 point loss because he played like he had taken Benadryl

Jazz shot 12 of 30 with Gobert on the floor. He is still an impediment to good offense. He has a chance to be an elite game changing defender. He could be Roy Hibbert, who also is a problem for Indiana on offense.

Line-up of Trey, Gordon, Richard, Malcolm Thomas and Derrick Favors was +17 in 8 minutes. I knew that was the line-up we should have been using all year.

Have a great off-season. Thanks for reading this after every game (almost every game). Your passion drives me.

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